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Pirai Vaca / Double top special 2017

Piraí  Vaca is one of the best known Bolivian musicians at both a national and international level. He is considered by the international press to be one of the most admired Latin American guitarists. In the Washington Post, the following comment appeared: “ … he made an impact on the audience with his musicality and control". The German newspaper, Rhein Zeitung, wrote: “… and without any fear of exaggeration, we can say that with Piraí Vaca at the Mosel Music Festival one of the most outstanding guitarists in the world …”; and, recently, the Rheinische Post, another German newspaper, had this to say: “... technically brilliant, but how does one define the guitarist? Difficult, because this man demonstrates concentrated emotion, he combines musicality with spirituality, spirituality with virtuosity and profoundness with superficiality…modest and simple but full of self-confidence…”.     
In recognition of his international career, he is one of the few Latin Americans to be granted the Fellowship of the Americas, awarded by the prestigious John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts whose headquarters is in Washington. In his own country, he has been awarded the maximum award: The National Award for Music, awarded by the Asssociation of Writers, Plastic Artists and Musicians.
Piraí Vaca has been declared Most Outstanding Bolivian Living Abroad by the United Nations for Youth, and World Class Bolivian by the Latin American Press Association and the Bolivian Association of Press Workers. He has also been declared by the Escuela Europea de Negocios as one of the most Successful Bolivian Abroad. He has received the Recognition for Artistic Endeavour and Bolivian Integration from the Municipal Governments of El Alto, La Paz, Potosí and Montero and the Gold Medal from the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz, awarded to Illustrious Citizens. He was also elected Outstanding Young Bolivian by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, to mention just some of the prizes he has been awarded.
Born in Bolivia, Piraí Vaca studied with Jesús Ortega at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Habana, Cuba, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in music with a speciality in guitar and a Post-graduate degree in Renaissance Music, winning the Prize for the most Outstanding Graduate of the Year. He continued his studies with Manuel Barrueco in the USA and, subsequently, with Hubert Käppel at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Cologne, Germany. Piraí lives in Bolivia.
Piraí has taken his guitar on concert tours to Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, the USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg, England, France, China and India.

Alexis Vallejos / Double top 2016

He is artist has won major awards at national and international level, among which the first prize, awarded unanimously, in the XXI International Guitar Competition "Andres Segovia" in Linares, Spain. He has also been awarded in 2008 Musicampus Classical Guitar (Cordoba, Argentina); in the XI Festival Guitar "Ciutat d'Elx" 2009 (Valencia, Spain); International Guitar Competition "Comarca del Condado" 2013 (Jaen, Spain); the IX Festival Guitar "Norba Caesarina" 2010 (Caceres, Spain); and the XI Festival Internazionale Dell 'Adriatic 2010 (Pescara, Italy), where he received the award for Best Performer Italian Music, among others.

Song-Ou Lee / Double top special 2016

Lee Song-Ou has won several prizes as a guitarist in South Korea. In 2002, Lee Song-Ou was nominated “Artist of the Year“ by KBS Broadcasting, which is South Koreas leading radio and television broadcaster. 

He is currently Guest Professor at the Senyang(China) and also teaches at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul.

Pursuing an active concert schedule, Lee Song-Ou performs as a soloist, in duo with guitarist Oliver Fartach-Naini, with Korea violinist Professor Sung-Ju Lee and in various other chamber music settings. Radio and television recordings, master classes, festival appearances and concerts have taken him through Europe, Asia and Australia.

A graduate of the University of the Arts in Berlin with Laurie Randolph, Lee Song-Ou has participated in many international master classes, including among others Abel Carlevaro and Nigel North.

Song-Ou’s latest passion is perfecting his skills as a balance engineer and music producer(Pann music Records), a new-found role in which he enjoys fostering young talent.

Yong-Tae Kim / Double top special 2017

Born in Tokyo,1967.Started learning the guitar at the age of 13,studying under Tamaki Otani,Masahiro Ojiri and Shin-ichi Fukuda.

He won 1st prize at both the Nagoya Guitar Competition in 1993, and the Spain Guitar Competition in 1994.He was twice awarded 2nd prize at the Tokyo International Guitar Competition,in 1994 and 1998.In 1995,he left for France,to study guitar under Alberto Ponce at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris,where in his final exam in 1997,the jury unanimously awarded him 1st prize.

He completed his studies there in 1998,gaining 1st place in the Performer’s Diploma,awarded unanimously by the jury.That same year he moved to Belgium,where he studied under Roland Broux,enrolling in the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory’s Specialization Course,in Antwerp. During his time in Belgium,he also studied guitar under Alvaro Pierri and Gerard Verba,as well as musical analysis under Narcis Boner.In addition to his studies,he performed widely across Europe. 

Returning to Japan in 2000,his current activities range widely from solo performance to playing with chamber music ensembles and orchestras.In 2006,as a member of Harpolyre Guitar Trio,he released an album entitled“Harpo Rhythm”.The same year,his first solo album“Varie2 Collectici Intim”was released,and chosen as a special commendation disc at“Record Geijyutsu”magazine.In 2007,he released the album“Vivo!”as a duo with a mandolin player,Chiaki Masukawa.In 2015,as a member of Vient del Sur,he released an album entitled“Vient del Sur”.

He approaches his teaching activities with enthusiasm,teaching the guitar to students at Seitoku University and Senzoku Gakuen College of Music,Gendai Guitar GG Gakuin,Noboru Muraji Early Talent Education Classroom of Guitar,among others.

JangHeum Bae / Double top 2016

The most popular and famouse guitarist in Korea.
A guitarist, Bae Jang-Heum who was regarded as an exceptional guitarist with many talent by David Russel and a true musician by Roland Dyens receives attention as a representative young musician in Korea.
He mastered the guitar at Korea National University of Arts(KNUA) and won the first prize in the Korea Guitar Association competition and Daejeon Newspaper competition. Also he has given dozen of guitar recital and invited to hundreds of performances.
He has played with KNUA Simphony, Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra, Jeju Chamber Orchestra, Gyeongbuk Philharmonic Orchestra, Eurasian Philharmonic Orchestra, Hungary national Simphony, Rodrigo Festival Orchestra, Romanian National Radio Orchestra, (Romanian Iasi State Philharmonic Orchestra, Romanian Satu Mare State Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladivostok Philharmonic Orchestra, Gwangjin Simphony, Janacek String Quartet, and New Zealand String Quartet. Also he took part in composition, playing, and arrangement of various movies and dramas, such as Christmas in August, An Affair, Nowhere yp Hide, Bank Attack, Star's Lover, and Fried.
Since 2002 he has annually given project performance at Recital Hall of Seoul Art Center. On the official visitation of the president of Ireland at the year 2005, he was invited by Cheongwadea, the Korea presidential residence of which he performed at reception hall. From 2006 to the present. Vladivostok Cultural Exchange Center and Pushkin Theatre invited him to have performance at Vladivostok, Nakhodka, and Kharovsk and he has been active in various occasions in Russia, such as International Master Class and International Guitar Festival. Also he was invited for performance at Ibaraki Guitar Festival, Daejeon International Guitar Festival, Goyang International Guitar Festival, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival.
He has recently been working in various fields of activity: Director of Korea Guitar Association, Art Director of Vladivostok International Guitar Festival and Goyang International Guitar Festival , as well as a panel of international competition and a visiting professor.

Marko Topchii / Mdel G3 2015

Marko Topchii has won more than 50 awards worldwide in the international guitar competitions in the professional category. Among them, 27 first places in the competitions in United States, Mexico, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Serbia and Ukraine. The most notable prizes is available in the “awards” section.
He is 25 years old and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree at the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music in Kiev under the guidance of Prof. Yuri Alexik, Honored Artist of Ukraine. He completed his master degree in the National University of Arts in Kharkov in 2011, where he studied under Prof. Volodymir Dotsenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine.


- 2016:

1st prize, 3rd International Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini (San Francisco, CA, USA) 

2nd prize, Viseu International competition

1st prize, Sofia Bulgaria1st prize, Montenegro Niksic

- And 54 awards worldwide in the international guitar competitions. Among them, 29 first places in the competitions.

Fabian Freesen/ Limited 2012

Fabian Freesen was born in Mönchengladbach in 1984. At the age of 7 he began his musical training with the main subject "classical guitar" at the Städtisches Musikschule Mönchengladbach.

In 2004, he began his music studies at the Conservatory Maastricht at the internationally renowned Prof. Carlo Marchione, which he completed in 2008 with the "Bachelor of Music", with a teaching diploma. In 2010 he finished his studies "Master of Music", also with Prof. Marchione.
Fabian Freesen has already received several international awards:
1st Prize Axis International Guitar Competition, Netherlands 2010
2nd place Daejeon International Guitar Competition, South Korea 2012
2nd place International Guitar Competition Guitarmania, Portugal 2008
2nd place International Guitar Competition Veria, Greece 2010
2nd place International Guitar Competition Nürtingen, Germany and 2012
3rd place International Guitar Competition Iserlohn, Germany 2010
His concerts have already taken him to Italy, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Russia, Israel, India, South Korea and the USA.
On 27.04.13 he is guest in the TIG, u.a. With works by Mertz, Turina, Tedesco, Tarrega, Iannarelli and De Lucia.

SangGi Hong / Double top special X 2017

- Arturo Soria Conservatoire in Madrid, Spain. Graduated from the Municipal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, Spain. - Graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, "Titulo de profesor superior"
- Invited to the National University of Madrid, Spain, "Valladolid" guitar festival, Guadalajara City Spain "Semana de la guitarra"
- Madrid City-sponsored "Young Musicians Series" with other departments and night performances of chamber music
- National Radio Chamber Orchestra of Romania. Romanian Iasi Philharmonic Orchestra, gigf orchestra. Prime Philharmonic Orchestra Uijeongbu Symphony Orchestra
New Zealand String Quartet.
- Touring the country as a duet partner of world guitarist Anna Vidovic
- Brahman guitar trio member invited to the Busan guitar festival, touring the Russian Far East.
- "Buxtehude" recording the recording "cathedral" recording
- Seoul National University of Arts, Chugye University of Arts, Seoul, Seoul, Korea Strings Music Director, Ensemble Emperor Leader. Other musician "Follows" as director.

Guitar duo polypony / Doubletop 2016

Guitarist Seung-Wan Seo and Kim Kyung-tae were formed in 2005.
Polyphony originally meant polyphony, and it was decided in the name of the team to pursue a more stereoscopic musical expression that was difficult to express as a solo.
Polyphony Guitar Duo is a classical guitar duo that crosses many genres of music such as classical, film music, Korean classical music, and South American music. It also plays various guitar festivals and broadcasting stations and participates in fringe of various international music festivals.
In particular, he has been selected as a Rising Star by participating in Tongyoung Yoon Sang International Music Festival Fringe. In 2011, he released his first album "Song of Polyphony".
They are always interested in new music and always try to change in consistency. Sometimes, with images, sometimes with different performances, we want to reach out to the general public by expressing the music with the colorful feeling of polyphony.

Guitar duo VITO

Seongjun Lee / Antonio Marin Montero

An accomplished guitarist, Sung Jun Lee began studying the instrument at the age of eleven and soon won many competitions. Among his many awards and prizes, he has gained top prizes in competitions held by the Korea Guitar Association Competition and the Korean Baroque Chamber Orchestra.
Lee gives more than fifty recitals a year. His performances have been broadcast by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) and he has performed in musicals and operas such as While You Were Sleeping and The Barber of Seville. He was invited as a guest guitarist for the ICon Arts Contemporary Music Festival in Romania. He is a member of the Gran Guitar Duo (with his sister, Soo Jin Lee), Quintet, and Ensemble, as well as La Mer et L’lle.
Lee studied with Namjoong Kim, Sung Jin Kim, and Byeong Woo Lee, graduating from Seoul National University. He has kept developing his musical talent by attending various musical festivals and master classes, such as ones by Roberto Aussel, Reinbert Evers, and Emmanuel Segre.

Soojin Lee / Hongsik Uhm Double top special 2016
Renowned for her artistic versatility, Soo Jin Lee is one of the most outstanding young Korean guitarists. Ms. Lee’s extraordinary musical talent was discovered in childhood. At the age of nine, she started studying the guitar with Namjoong Kim and the same year won first prize in the Korea Guitar Association Competition (Grades 1–3). The next year, she was awarded another first prize (Grades 4–6), then became the youngest first-prize winner of the Korea Guitar Association Competition (Adult Section) at the age of eleven. In 2002, she debuted in the Kumho Prodigy Concert, which is supported by the Kumho Asiana Cultural Foundation, and was invited as a guest artist for concerts by the Korea Guitar Association and Korea University Classical Guitar Association.
Ms. Lee studied the guitar at Seoul National University with Byeong Woo Lee and Sung Jin Kim, double majoring in Aesthetics to gain a thorough understanding of the arts. While at SNU, she was selected as a soloist for the string ensemble concert and for the Fall in Guitar Ensemble. As a chamber musician as well as a concert guitarist, she has given recitals as half of the Gran Guitar Duo (with her brother, Seong Jun Lee) and as a member of Botticelli, the only female guitar quartet in Korea.
Since graduatin


WooJae Kim / Doubletop 2016

Woo-jae Kim, a classical guitarist who overwhelms audiences with his expressive tone and enthusiastic performance, graduated from Seoul National University College of Music and graduated from the same university and studied at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Hamburg.
He won the third prize at the Concours International de Guitare en Cerdagne in France. In 2001, he began his solo recital at the Chamber Hall of Sejong Cultural Center in Korea. He started his solo recitals in Germany 'Tangstedt', 'Hauptkirche St.'. Katharinen, Hamburg ', Korea Other Association Invited New Concert (Yonsei University Centennial Memorial Hall), Korea Guitar Artist Association Invited Recital (Sejong Chamber Hall), Kim Woo Jae Classical Guitar Recital' Winter Song '(Cultural Space Empty), Seongnam Guitar Festival Invitation Performance (Seongnam Art Center), Kim Woo-jae classical guitar recital, 'Guitar music of the 20th century' (recital hall of Seoul Arts Center) and 'Woong Jae Kim Concert Series' (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul), 'Modern Music' (Bu-am Art Hall), 'Asia-Korea-Yun Festival'- Contemporary Music in Korea (Berlin and Stuttgart), Tongyeong International Music Festival, Alt-Hamburger Burgerhaus 'Sonntagskonzert in der Deichstrasse' (Hamburg), Flamenco-Festival Hamburg (Hamburg), St. Pankratius Kirche Musikwerft (Neuenfelde), Seongnam Guitar Festival 'Contemporary Music for Others' (Seongnam Art Center), TIMF Korean Composer's Night (Youngsan Art Hall), 2010 Goyang Aram Nuri Matine Concert, 'GUITAR +' was selected and held by the Seoul Foundation for Culture and Arts and the Korean Culture and Arts Committee for the promotion of creative arts in the performing arts. In 2012, it was selected by the Seoul Foundation for Culture and Arts and the Arts and Culture Committee to hold a GUITAR + Ritmico recital And a wide range of classical guitar performances from various genres.
Guitarist Kim Woo-jae has worked with Hub Byung-hoon, Yoo Min-sun, Klaus Hempel, Olaf van Gonnissen and Reinbert Evers. Master of masterpieces such as Roberto Aussel, David Russell, Hubert Kappel, Jose Luis Rodrigo, Nigel North, Thomas Muller-Pering, Michel Sadanowsky, Magnus Anderson I participated in the class. She has taught at Seokyeong University and Sunhwa Art High School. She is currently teaching at Suwon University, Yewon Arts University, and the Korean National University of Arts (weekend class). He is also working as a music director for the Sung-Nam International Guitar Festival, SIGF, as a contemporary music ensemble CMEK, Music Coop and Posseldorfer Gitarrenquartet.

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