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SangOk Uhm

We built the first Korean guitar in 1932

The history of luthiers in Korea had begun by Uhm family since SangOk Uhm built his first guitar in 1932.

TaeHeung Uhm says that the sound of guitar is just like the circle consisting of two different layers.

One is the "core" which gives the power of the sound and the other is the surface layer (He calls this "skin" of the sound) which softly surrounds the core so that this skin adds the beauty of the sound to the power.

For the perfectness of the sound, the core should be hard, heavy and large enough so that the sound can be delivered with strong power of impression. At the same time, the skin is supposed to be soft and delicate so that it could express the emotion and the beauty of the music. The perfect balance between these two essential elements is necessary for creating a great sound of the instrument.

Many famouse guitarist explained Uhm's sound as
"The trebles of Uhm's guitar have quick response. The color of tone is very clear, bright and sharp. At the same time, three bases have well separated, remarkable sounds. The shape of neck is very comfortable, thus it is easy to play."

And new model "Double top" guitar shows remarkable sounds and volume of sounds.

It has traditional Spanish sound and enough to play with piano on the stage without microphone. (600 seat hall)

According famous guitarist Rafael Aguirre's said is,

"It's sound is very beautiful and traditional Spanish style and louder as like Damman's. If someone ask double top, I will recommend this Uhm guitar."

And during two years, this new Double top guitar replaced famous Korean guitarist's main instruments. Contaress 10th anniversary, Contaress 1st especial, Damman, Smallman and many other European guitars.

Nowdays,  young good guitarist  "Marko Topchii" and "Fabian Freesen" playing with Uhm guitar and got good results from many famouse competition in the world.
"It's sound is, bery clear and has warm beautiful sounds, so many famouse guitarists saying beautiful sound and they likes my guitar's sound very much."

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